Rainy Days

We've had some rainy days lately and that reminds me of a day this summer when I got up the energy to run in my favorite nature center on a drizzly day even though I had a difficult time getting myself there. Somehow I got myself to go. When I got there, the place was almost empty. I guess I wasn't the only one that didn't feel like going. Should I leave? Well, I had come this far, why not do something, so I started on a short trail. As I started to run, my spirits started to lift as I noticed how peaceful it was and how much the colors stood out against the gray backdrop. I then made it a point to draw out the experience even more by looking at everything and listening for each sound. This made the experience even more special. From that day on, I looked forward to the dreary days at the nature center.

How might we use this example to lift our spirits on those sad days? Some thoughts that come to mind for me are: (1) At least try it, it might surprise you, (2) If you pay attention to sights and sounds around you, you might see beauty you didn't know was there, (3) nature can lift our spirits even in imperfect weather, (4) imperfection and beauty can exist simultaneously.

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